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    With A Little Help From Her Friends

    With A Little Help From Her Friends

    Starring: Janny Costa, 25
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 20 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 1120mb

    Janny is a tall, intoxicating, seductive, raven haired, tattooed, transexual siren, with a passable womanly body, and magnificent pink cigar. She is is joined, by two hung studs, one black, one white, and our Fuck 6000 mechanized fucking machine. One stud gluttonously sucks her huge cock, as she bends over stroking the other stud’s big black cock, while the 6000 fucks her mouth, unleashing her ecstatic moans. She then turns around to have the 6000 pump it’s tireless prick into her ass, while her delicious cock is sucked, with voracious hunger, as her elated, euphoric moans and sighs fill the room. Moving into a scrumptious 69, she lies under her cock sucker, savoring sucking his cock, while the 6000 relentlessly fucks his ass, as she jerks off the other’s humongous, inky black, horse cock, reveling in their impressive, debauched, coordinated carnal cavorting. Then she lies on her back, with the 6000 potently plowing her ass, while she frantically jerks off, accompanied by her lovers jacking off along side of her, as they enjoy her sexual sojourn, into ecstatic splendor, until she erupts, in a glorious, volcanic orgasm spewing her sweet nectar all over herself. Her stud’s soon follow her lead, drenching her tits, with a downpour of their creamy cum, leaving her one happy gooey mess.


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