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    Julia & Nataly Play with the Fuck Machine

    Julia & Nataly Play with the Fuck Machine

    Starring: Julia Alves, 23 , Nataly Sousa, 23
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 21 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 610mb

    Julia’s an alluring, tall, statuesque, raven-haired, brown-skinned, tattooed, transsexual Goddess, with a humongous, horse cock, and Nataly is a bewitching, sultry, pale-skinned, tattooed, black-haired, transsexual beauty, with a mouth-watering pink cigar. We begin, with the girls sensually kissing, caressing, and undressing each other, then with her own cock, as hard as, a steel girder, Nataly ravenously sucks Julia’s colossal cock, with sluttish avidity, verve, and accomplished oral aptitude. Then, Julia slobbers on Nataly’s beefy tongue depressor, luxuriating in savoring sucking it, and licking her asshole, with whorish, epicurean joy. While Nataly gets off, having the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, fucking her mouth, while she moans euphorically. Turning around, Nataly gluttonously sucks Julia’s monster cock, while the 6000 resolutely fucks her ass, with it’s piston-driven prick, in standing doggie, as she moans and squeals ecstatically. Borrowing the dildo, from the 6000, Nataly uses it to fervently fuck Julia’s ass, while gluttonously sucking her ginormous dick, as Julia moans appreciatively. Then, while lying, in a side missionary, as the 6000 diligently drilling its big dick into her ass, Julia revels in sucks Nataly’s potent prick, while moaning in whorish rapture. For the finale, Julia squirts her joy juice, into Nataly’s mouth, while she splatters her own cum, all over her thigh, for a gorgeous gooey ending.


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