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    Maira & Kelly Use The Fuck Machine

    Maira & Kelly Use The Fuck Machine

    Starring: Kelly Melo, 19 , Maira Dimov, 22
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 25 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 750mb

    OMG, are you in for a treat! We have not one, but two gorgeous trannies, enjoying our Fuck 6000 mechanical fucking machine, and each other, in this steamy scene. Kelly is a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, brunette, transexual Goddess, with very passable, runway model looks, and a hefty prick. Maira is a lovely, pale-skinned, tattooed, black-haired, semi-Goth looking transsexual beauty, with a scrumptious, savory sausage. After some foreplay, Kelly savors sucking the 6000โ€™s faux-cock, moaning euphorically, as it steadily fucks her mouth, while Maira licks her nipples. Then Maira guides the 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, to steadily drive itโ€™s huge, silicon cock into Kellyโ€™s ass, in doggie, then missionary, as she gluttonously sucks Mairaโ€™s beef stick, while moaning and yelping ecstatically. Aroused, Maira ravenously sucks Kellyโ€™s big dick, while the 6000 continues itโ€™s anal assault, with resolute resolve, as she moans and squeals, in whorish exultation. Aroused, Maira takes turns sucking Kellyโ€™s ass juice from the 6000โ€™s big dick, as it fucks her mouth, and Kellyโ€™s mouth-watering, pink cigar, while moaning elatedly. She then moves into doggie, then on her back, continuing to gluttonously suck Kellyโ€™s cock candy, while the 6000 drills her ass relentlessly, while she moans and yelps, with unbridled passions, until Kelly spews her sweet nectar, all over her shoulder and tits, and Mairaโ€™s orgasmic explosion covers her belly with joy juice, for a glorious, gooey ending.


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