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    Dreams come true

    Dreams come true

    Busty Jennifer Mendez is ready to masturbate but is having a hard time deciding how to do it exactly. She is holding multiple dildos and is imagining that she has a fat cock between her sexy thighs. She is getting horny and wishes to have it, just for a day so she could give herself a handjob. Her skills are amazing and she wants to treat herself, and not only other guys. She stops stroking her dildo and wishes for a dick. She wants to become a futanari.
    To her big surprise, she gets one and it starts rising in her panties as soon as she got it.*
    Finally, her dream came true and she can give herself the handjob she wants. She is touching it slowly, still shocked at what just happened. She is stimulating the tip through her panties but it didn’t take long before she whipped it out and started giving proper strokes.
    She is trembling with excitement as her new cock is throbbing in her hand. She is fully immersed in this handjob and is breathing heavily. She takes off her shorts and panties completely, spreads her sexy legs, and starts stroking her big cock faster. Her toes are curled up as she is sitting and jerking herself off. She can’t take it anymore and she needs to lose another piece of clothing. It is so hot in her room and she loves it.
    She takes out her massive boobs and starts playing with her big nipples. The stimulation is going the way she wants and all that is visible on her face is lust and enjoyment. She is moaning louder, pinching and fondling her big boobs. Strokes are getting tighter and her bald balls are ready to pump a lot of jizz into her shaft.
    She speeds up as she is figuring out how to control herself. So far so good. She is holding the shaft firmly, giving it a good feeling as she keeps going up and down, faster by the second. As the strokes are getting faster, so is her breathing and it came to a point where the only thing she can do is moan as loud as possible.
    She is ready to jizz and is doing everything she can to pump out every bit of sperm that is inside of her balls. As she keeps going Jennifer starts spraying her massive knockers and her face. It keeps going and going until she is fully covered in white jizz. She loves the taste of it so the more there is the better.

    Starring: Jennifer Mendez
    Duration: 15:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 751.01 MB


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