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    Active Gabrielly Fucks a Dude's Ass

    Active Gabrielly Fucks a Dude's Ass

    Starring: Gabrielly Ferraz, 20
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 35 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 1330mb

    Gabrielly is an exquisite, tall, regal, brown haired, transsexual siren, with a fabulous, toned, taut female facade, and an enormous, scrumptious cock. Feeling horny, she calls up a stud from a dating site. When he arrives, she immediately takes control, pushing him up against the wall, as she undresses him, then voraciously sucks his rigid rod, with rapacious avarice, and incomparable, mastery of oral arts. Inspired, he worshipfully sucks her sizable salami, as she towers over him, moaning elatedly. Then, she has him pay homage to her divine, heavenly ass, by lavishly licking her bunghole. After opening his back door with her talented tongue, she defiantly pounds her monster cock into him in standing doggie, then doggie, bareback, with impassioned zeal, as he groans like a grateful bitch in heat. Continuing her anal assault, she spiritedly drills her donkey dick into him in spoon, sending him into a moaning, intoxicated, dick-drunk delirium. She then has him robustly bounce his ass onto her gigantic pleasure-pole, as she fiercely fires her gargantuan, meat missile into him, launching him into a groaning cock-crazed revelry. Next, she brutishly plows her titanic tool into his ass in missionary with fiery fervor, as he moans ecstatically in whorish rapture. She rewards him by unleashing a geyser of goo into his mouth, which he savors swallowing with whorish relish. He then frantically jerks off, cumming all over his thigh, while starring at her astounding beauty.


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