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    Welcome to My Ass, Tgirl!

    Welcome to My Ass, Tgirl!

    Starring: Gaby Maiia, 21
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 39 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 970mb

    Gaby is a bewitching, tall, statuesque, raven haired, tattooed, transsexual siren, with an eye catching, feminine facade, and a mouth watering, jumbo sized Johnson. Bringing home a lucky stud, Gaby greedily sucks his huge cock with adept oral mastery, effortlessly deep throating his big dick with aplomb. Then, he gluttonously sucks her horse cock, like a cock addicted, dick junkie, relishing her dominantly fucking his mouth. After some mutual ass licking, she assertively rams her colossal cock into him, in doggie, bareback, as he groans like a bitch in heat. Then, she has him lie flat on his stomach, as she vigorously plows his ass, gifting him with a cream pie, which oozes out, in a translucent-white cascade of cum. Being a virile vixen, she resumes her anal assault, brutishly pounding her dinosaur dick into him with fiery fervor. After rolling him into a side missionary, she diligently drills her donkey dick into him, as he moans and groans, with impassioned ardor. Then, she drives him home, barbarously slamming her monster cock into him, in standing doggie, as he moans ecstatically. Subsequently, she has him ride her obelisk of lust in cowgirl, as she fiercely fires her meat missile into him, while he groans and moans, in whorish rapture. She then brutishly plows her titanic tool into him, in missionary as he frantically jacks off, unleashing a geyser of goo all over himself. She then fires a jet stream of jism into and all over his mouth, for a gorgeous gooey ending.


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