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    Beyond Boobs: The Futa Upgrade

    Beyond Boobs: The Futa Upgrade

    Vanna Bardot and Lexi Lore become close in the lobby of a plastic surgery clinic. Vanna, as the more experienced one, informs Lexi that both tits and asses are out. Well, what’s in then? Yup, you guessed it, cocks! And not just any cocks, futa cocks on hot female bodies. Lexi is hesitant to even believe the whole story, but she soon finds out.
    Vanna whips out her futa cock moments after it grows so big in her pants that it almost rips through them. The nonchalant facade Lexi puts on in the face of Vanna’s futa cock quickly falls through. Vanna coerces her into trying out the futa cock before she concludes that they’re not for her. Lexi’s throat gets mounted on top of the futa cock before the semen is dripping down her chin.

    Starring: Lexi Lore, Vanna Bardot
    Duration: 18:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 661.01 MB


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