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    Roommate Romance

    Roommate Romance

    Paula (Skye Blue) is pissed off that Jenny (Blake Blossom) doesn’t clean behind herself. Paula even steps in Jenny’s panties, and that makes her rage out this time since her roommate refuses to clean every time she says that she will. All that rage gets focused in one spot and Paula begins to grow out a futanari cock.
    Jenny gets a literal rude awakening with that thick futa dick right in her face. At first Jenny’s surprised that her roomie is a futanari girl but she has no choice but to suck her meaty dick, at least she’ll do some form of cleaning. Turns out Jenny’s no stranger to draining nuts so she does it not once but two times and Paula cums all over her tits.

    Starring: Blake Blossom, Sky Blue
    Duration: 18:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 561.01 MB


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