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    The Amulet

    The Amulet

    Sophie Weber is on the search for ancient relics, and it looks like her assistant, Little Puck, has found one. She carries it carefully to the well-equipped tent in the middle of nowhere and hands it over to Sophie. Almost instantly, Sophie’s eyes begin to glow with wonder, she rushes her assistant out of the tent and opens the box which contains an amulet.
    It’s an amulet of a God of Fertility, one of many ancient relics she’s looking for. Whoever wears this one, will gain the power of fertility, and Sophie is quick to equip it around her neck. The ground trembles, and her appearance shift, Sophie starts growing out a dick, ripping from her pants, becoming a futanari worthy of wearing the amulet and becoming the fertile God herself.

    Starring: Little Puck, Sophie Weber
    Duration: 17:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 461.01 MB


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