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    Best Friends Take A Break From Moving For Sex

    Best Friends Take A Break From Moving For Sex

    Roxi Heart and Roxxie Moth have been moving into their new apartment and these friends are pretty tired. They need to just relax on the bed for a few minutes and unwind. Seeing Roxxie Moth bent over makes Roxi Heart a little turned on thinking about her tight hole and how good her cock would feel inside it. As soon as they're on the bed, Roxi starts rubbing Roxxie's leg, getting her in the mood too. They soon find themselves naked and sucking on each other's cocks, getting nice and hard. Then Roxi thrusts her pierced cock into Roxxie's ass and she loves being filled up with it. Roxxie is eager to get her roommate to climax and cum in her mouth so she can taste her reward.

    Starring: Roxi Heart, Roxxie Moth
    Duration: 28:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 761.01 MB


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