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    Sinful Temptation 2

    Sinful Temptation 2

    After Sister Clara’s intense night with Chloe, she wakes up feeling guilty and wants to seek absolution for her sins. She visits Scarlet Skies, a fellow nun to confess and clean herself. Sister Scarlet reassures her that she will be forgiven and that she is more than happy to pray with her.
    However, as soon as they start praying, an evil entity appears and possesses Sister Scarlet. Her body starts shaking and her futa transformation begins! Once it’s over, the look on her face has completely changed and she wants nothing but pleasure… Right away she pulls Clara close and starts fucking her mouth. After she is done with the blowjob she rips off Clara’s cloths and starts pounding her from behind until she finishes with a huge creampie!

    Starring: Clara Trinity, Scarlet Skies
    Duration: 21:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 561.01 MB


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