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    Don’t Buy, Adopt

    Don’t Buy, Adopt

    Blu Chanelle needs a pet, and she’s definitely the one to adopt. The moment she saw her next kitten, she had to order it from the website. Soon enough, her brand new pet has arrived, and it’s exactly what she wanted, an obedient roleplaying kitten named Josephine Jackson, with a surprise between her pants.
    At first, Josephine just executed commands, she played with her toys, licked her paws, meowed, and drank milk from a bowl but eventually, she needed some affection. Blu Chanelle welcomes the new kitten up in her lap and starts petting her for a job well done.
    Though this kitten is a bit naughty, and it seems as if Josephine got something poking between her legs, a big futa cock. She, of course, doesn’t say a word, but rather looks up to her new owner with those big watery eyes, and Blu just had to reach and start stroking that cock.

    Starring: Blu Chanelle, Josephine Jackson
    Duration: 21:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 661.01 MB


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