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    Bruna and the 2 Dicks in Her Ass

    Bruna and the 2 Dicks in Her Ass

    Starring: Bruna Castro, 24
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 31 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 1830mb

    Bruna is an attractive statuesque brunette transsexual with a great body who pays off two guys delivering a mattress in trade. Soon, one is licking her asshole as she moans ecstatically while the other suckles on her tit. Flipping onto her back, she enthusiastically sucks one with sluttish glee while the other does the same to her rock hard pink cigar. Laying on her side, one guy brutishly fucks her ass while she sucks the other, moaning and screaming in whorish rapture. With her passions ablaze, she vigorously humps one in reverse cowgirl with unbridled lust, moaning wantonly while sucking the other. Wanting to share her booty, the guy she was sucking squeezes his dingus into her stretched sphincter alongside his amigo for a double penetration reverse cowgirl as she screams in ecstatic euphoria, catapulted into a sexual delirium. Flipping her over, the guys continue vehemently drilling her in a double penetrating cowgirl as she moans and screams in a dick-drunk revelry. The bottom guy then barbarically pile drives his steely shaft into her in missionary while her moans and screams of orgiastic exultation are stifled by her obsessively sucking the other guy while frantically jerking off her own stony shaft until it erupts in orgasmic bliss. She then moves into doggie as the guys switch orifices until one deposits a huge creampie in her ass that oozes out in great gooey gobs and the other fills her mouth with his own joy juice, which she savors with epicurean delight.


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