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    Geovanna Pounds His Ass

    Geovanna Pounds His Ass

    Starring: Geovanna Portylla, 28
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 28 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 1330mb

    Geovanna is a sultry raven-haired transsexual siren with a fit body and a mouthwatering cock candy surprise who decides to seduce the pool man she’s been eyeing. After some kissing and fondling, she sits down, telling him to suck her potent prick, which he earnestly does with ravenous, wolfish hunger, deep throating her all the way down his throat as her euphoric moans of hedonistic bliss fill the room. She returns the favor by sensually sucking his man meat with epicurean gusto as he groans with ecstatic elation. Moaning ecstatically, she then aggressively pounds her steely shaft into him in a side missionary, smiling as she savors the feel of his tight ass clinching her rigid rod. Laying down, she has him bounce his ass on her fuck-pole in reverse cowgirl as she fires her meat missile up into him with fury, moaning in rapturous exhilaration. This is one transsexual that really loves to use her cock. After he sucks his ass juice from her dong as she stands over him fucking his face, she bends him over into a standing doggie, slamming her beef baton into him with ferocious, fiery fervor, seeming to relish ravaging his ass like some barbaric amazon as she makes him her bitch. Laying him down in spoon, she barbarously drills her meat stick into his asshole with determination, fucking him senseless until she pulls out, frantically jerking off to squirt her sweet nectar onto his asshole. She then lays down and has him jack off all over her tits.


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