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    Trans Newbie Flaunts Her Wares

    Trans Newbie Flaunts Her Wares

    Starring: Julliany Rodrigues, 28
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 20 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 830mb

    Julliany is an alluring, dirty-blonde haired, golden-brown skinned, tattooed, transsexual temptress, with a firm, fit, womanly body, and a big, fat, juicy cock. She mesmerizes us with a sensual, sultry dance, as she slowly undulates her bodacious body, while flaunting her full, round, onion ass, which will bring tears to your eyes. She begins jacking off in doggie, before sitting on the edge of the bed, then standing up, as she gleefully strokes her delicious dick in all its splendor. Then, she moves onto our mechanical marvel, the Fuck 6000, a piston-driven, fucking machine, with an enormous, silicon prick. Julliany revels in the 6000 methodically fucking her pretty mouth, putting a big, slutty smile on her face. Next, she moves into doggie, then standing, as the 6000 steadily drills its indefatigable, monster cock into her ass, making her moan and squeal, like a sweet, little, slut puppy. Subsequently, she lies on her side, as the 6000 plumbs the depths of her carnal cavern, with its faux, horse cock, while she moans and cries out, in whorish exultation. Rolling onto her back, with her legs spread wide, she frantically jerks off her wonder whang, while moaning and screeching, with impassioned ardor. Ultimately, she erupts in a jaw-dropping, all consuming orgasm, releasing a fountain of cum that covers her with its gooey goodness. Lastly, she savors licking her sweet nectar from her fingers, which puts a big, slutty smile on her face.


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