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    Barbara Bangs a Lucky Guy's Ass

    Barbara Bangs a Lucky Guy's Ass

    Starring: Barbara Pires, 22
    Categories: She-male
    Length: 22 min
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Format: mp4
    Size: 1110mb

    Barbara’s an alluring, towering, imposing, bronze skinned, raven haired, transsexual knock out, with a well built, feminine facade, and a scrumptious, savory sausage. After luxuriating in a bubble bath Jacuzzi at a spa, she enjoys a sensual massage. After oiling her up, her masseur is drawn to her heavenly, full, round ass, like a moth to a flame, greedily licking and fingering her asshole, before gorging himself, on her beefy, tongue depressor, for a full-service massage. Having lit her fuse, she ravenously sucks his turgid tool, with sluttish avarice, gusto, and masterful, oral artistry, effortlessly deep throating his every stony inch. She then spiritedly pounds her rigid rod into him in standing doggie, bareback, smiling wickedly, as he moans and squeals, like a bitch in heat. Standing before him, as he lies back in a sex chair, she assertively plows her potent prick into him with savage fury, as he moans and cries out, in whorish exultation. Then, she continues her anal assault, barbarously pile driving her pleasure pole into him with wry, domineering glee, in doggie, while he groans and yelps, lost in a dick drunk delirium. Mounting him on her meat missile in reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, she fiercely fires her cock rocket into him with machine gun like rapidity, as he bellows and bawls, in sluttish jubilation. Finally, she gives him a big tip, painting his tongue with a slathering of her sweet nectar, as he jacks off onto his stomach, for a gorgeous gooey ending.


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