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    Jerked Off By The Fuck Machine

    Jerked Off By The Fuck Machine

    Barbara is a devastatingly beautiful, raven-haired, big-dicked, tattooed, transsexual goddess, with a jaw-dropping, feminine facade. After an enticing striptease, she lies back in a lounge chair, firmly stroking her rigid rod, while moaning passionately. She continues stroking her rock hard cock in doggie so that we can ogle her perfect ass. Then standing before the Fuck 6000, our piston-driven fuck machine, that has a silicon artificial pussy attached, that she inserts her steely shaft into, rhythmically thrusting her cock into it, as the machine resolutely jacks her off, in a mesmerizing display of technological perversion, while she moans elatedly. With her lying down, the 6000 indefatigably strokes her stiff cock, sending her into a moaning, sighing, hedonistic, 7th heaven rapture. The 6000 continues jerking off her impressive cock, first as she kneels on the lounge chair, then as she stands before it, getting lost in a moaning, groaning, intoxicated, sexual delirium, until she finally squirts her joy juice into this faux twat, for a fitting, mind-boggling ending.

    Cast: Barbara Perez
    Genre: Transsexual

    Size: 1.02GB // Length: 18m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4

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