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    2 Dicks for Newbie Julie

    2 Dicks for Newbie Julie

    Julie is a scintillating, sultry, tattooed, dark haired, transsexual vixen, with a large, beefy tongue depressor. Feeling horny, she joins two studs voraciously sucking one, while the other guy licks her asshole, and strokes her magnificent cock, as she crouches in doggie, moaning euphorically. While lying on her side, she ravenously sucks one cock, while the other stud gluttonously sucks her pleasure pole, making her moan ecstatically. Then while in a steamy 69, the other stud potently pounds his beef hammer into her ass, bareback, as she moans, and yelps, with unleashed animalistic passions. Then she plants her asshole onto a stud’s meat missile, in reverse cowgirl, as his cock fires into her with machine gun-like rapidity, making her bellow, and bawl, in sluttish jubilation, as she greedily sucks his pal. Then one stud fucks her ass, as she vehemently drills her steely shaft into the other guy's ass, in spoon, filling the room with their rhapsodic moans, until she pulls out squirting her joy juice all over his ass. Then the other guy barbarously drills his prick into her in missionary, as she jerks off to a second glorious orgasm, covering herself with cum. She then sucks one stud, while the other continues his anal assault until he deposits a hefty cream pie that slowly oozes out, as his pal comes all over her tits. Then like a sex demon, she barbarically drives her huge cock into a guy's ass, in a side missionary, depositing her own cream pie. All well, that ends gooey.

    Cast: Julie Rouch
    Genre: Transsexual

    Size: 901MB // Length: 30m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4

    Transsexual Clips
    Julie Rouch

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