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    Torrid Tgirl Topping

    Torrid Tgirl Topping

    Bruna’s a mesmerizing, tanned, toned, tattooed, brunette, transsexual bombshell, with a passable, womanly veneer, and a huge, beefy tongue depressor. When room service delivers her order, she decides that she wants more, taking charge, she has the bellboy lick, sucks, and caress her voluptuous body, before dropping to his knees to ravenously suck her massive, meat stick, with gusto, and whorish gluttony, as she moans appreciatively. She returns the favor, masterfully sucking his turgid tool, to ignite his desires, for what is to come. After an eye-popping 69, she brutishly slams her beef baton into his ass, bareback, in doggie, with dominant assertiveness. Putting him to work, she has him wildly bounce his ass on her towering tool, in reverse cowgirl, as she assertively thrusts her meat missile into his ass, with wicked resolve. Rolling him into spoon, she vehemently drills her steely shaft into his ass, with commanding verve, as she makes him her bitch. Rolling him up onto his shoulders, with his ass in the air, she brutishly, pile drives her beef baton into his ass, with wicked, authoritative glee, as he moans ecstatically. Lying him on his side, with one leg over her shoulder, she barbarously plows her huge, meat stick into his ass, as the supreme ruler of his ass. Then they finish off, jacking off, with his cumming all over himself, as she fills his mouth with her sweet sauce, that he greedily sucks off her cock, for a gorgeous, gooey ending.

    Cast: Bruna Aylla
    Genre: Transsexual

    Size: 1.13GB // Length: 39m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4

    Transsexual Clips
    Bruna Aylla

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