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    Look At Me

    Look At Me

    Mariana is a stunning, brunette, transsexual siren, with runway model looks, and a sizable, sweet salami between her legs. After a tantalizing striptease, flaunting her womanly body, and thick, stout shaft, she sits down, while firmly stroking her wonder whang, with impassioned zeal. She then grabs a massive dildo, wantonly sucking it, to lube it up before teasing her asshole with it. Then she attaches it to the Fuck 6000, our mechanized fuck machine, so that it can rhythmically fuck her mouth, making her swoon in a sluttish 7th heaven. Hungry for more she has the 6000 resolutely fuck her ass in doggie, with its indefatigable silicon prick, as she moans, and yelps, with uncaged, animalistic passions. The 6000 continues its anal assault, while she lies on her side frenetically stroking her cock, as she moans, and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. Lying on her back, she frantically jacks off her beef stick, while moaning, and wailing, in X-rated jubilation, until her sweet nectar spills out, in a soul-wrenching orgasm, but being a big ol’slut, she continues jerking off, to bring herself to a second glorious climax, for a finger-licking good, gooey finale.

    Cast: Mariana Lins
    Genre: Transsexual

    Size: 741MB // Length: 25m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4

    Transsexual Clips
    Mariana Lins

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